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Chaos to Calm

Meditations to centre you,  

When you feel lost, and  need solid ground. 



You're here for a reason

So many people are experiencing some sort of difficult change or loss right now.  

 Some people, are facing the  loss of a career that they  put years of time and effort into, while others are dealing with  a loss of a relationship. 

It can feel as if the rug has been pulled under your feet, and you've lost your sense of safety, and peace.  I know how it feels: The old is gone, and the new has not yet arrived. 

This is why I created these meditations: They are designed  to strengthen your mind, and fill your heart with resources to get you through this time. 

 All six powerful meditations,
have been carefully, crafted
to get you through any storm

Mountain View
Take a look inside

The Mind of Love

A soothing meditation that creates a feeling of being surrounded by safety and love.

The Storm

A transformational journey that teaches the mind how to move through uncertainty.

Anxiety to Peace

Here you'll find your happy place inside, so you can get recharged and renewed.

The Healing Drive

Learn how to let go and go with the flow in a deeply soothing meditation

The House

When you can't see a bright future, the house will help you to imagine possibilities. 

The Problem Shifter

Stepping outside of worries and fears is a huge step towards moving forward. This audio will you do just that and more.

Image by Janosch Diggelmann

 You'll Learn How to Walk Calmly into the Unknown  

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From Chaos to Calm

If you're not satisfied, you'll get a full refund, with our 30 Day Money back guarantee.

Bird Silhouettes

Here from others

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"Your meditation felt so relaxing and comforting. I loved your voice, the pacing, and the music. It all blended together perfectly. I keep listening to it over and over because I discover something new about myself. This is a wonderful way to reclaim your power."

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"I've felt so grounded,  and renewed in just a short amount of time

each meditation has given me something wonderful to enhance my day"

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