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ADHD Coaching For Adults

Giving You the Missing Pieces to Success. 
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If you've struggled with ADHD as an adult, then you know what it's like to have two natures. 


On the one hand, You have almost  super human powers of creativity, energy, and speed of thought.


Yet, on the other hand you have difficulty with self-control, managing your emotions, staying focused on tasks, and getting motivated.


It can feel like there's a battle raging inside and it's spilling over into areas of your life...your relationships...your career.


But instead of fighting yourself, what if you  learned how to  to embrace your unique qualities? and what if those areas could actually you help put everything else back into balance. 

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What to expect on your free call:

How to set a goal that will keep you motivated and inspired to accomplish it. 

How targeting this one simple area of your life first, can be a game changer for you. 

How  to keep yourself calm, relaxed, and smiling. (even when stressed)

A unique step by step plan to get you out of self-sabotage, and into movement. 

Answers to how ADHD affects  your relationships, and proven ways to get handle on it. 

You've learned to keep up with the world, but maybe it's time the world learns to keep up with you 

Let's begin..  

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Jonathan is a sought after Coach, Trainer, and Former Therapist  who's spent over 10 years helping individuals with ADHD beat the odds, defy obstacles, and outperform expectations.  He is an author, and creator of the "Mastering ADHD performance Circles."

Jonathan's  motto: "I love to help people find new ways to win" 


Jonathan Steven

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