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Journaling Affirmations For Daily Relief 

A 21 Day Proven Path for Empowerment 


Tame the mind and navigate through the  jungle of Worries, and self doubt.

Why Journaling Affirmations is life-changing 

Did you ever wish you could change an unhealthy habit, stop an energy draining mood, and create a winning mindset no time at all? 

Journaling is the answer. 

The simple reason... is  it works! 

Science has shown that Journaling Sets up the Mind For Success: 

  • It Can improve test scores, and reduce performance anxiety

  • It Can drastically reduce stress

  • It Can unleash hidden talent by 

  • It Can support mental Health, and positive thinking

  • It Can change your brain

  • It Can tap into the best part of you for mastery, and confidence.

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Research Says it All


 Problem #1: Most people don't do it correctly 

It's not their fault, they were never taught the science that makes it successful. 

For instance, there are evidence based themes, that produce real change in your  mindset, but if you don't know what they are, then you're just playing the lotto..SAYING "I HOPE THIS WORKS" 

 Problem #2: Finding Motivation to start, And Believing in The Affirmations 

I've been there too, I can relate. When you're  down it's not easy to start writing out positive affirmations. Guess what..You're not suppose to. 

Instead it's important to do this one  simple technique that will build your motivation and increase your acceptance of these affirmations..and It's available in my new program. 

 Your Solution: The 21 Day Journaling Affirmations Guide 

 A Proven Path for Wellbeing, and Personal Power 


After testing, and researching the best ways to journal, I've come up with A 21 day program,  designed  to navigate you through jungle of the mind. It creates a path out of worry, self-doubt, and stress. It  calms the overactive "monkey mind" and makes it work for you.

 How does it work? 

Each day you will write on a specific theme designed to strengthen you through the tests of life. It hits on certain mental triggers that promote inner confidence, trust, capability, and wellbeing, which means,  you develop a solid protection from "psychological threats" - These are situations that really scare, or intimidate you, and raise the stress level in the nervous system.  

Now you have a way to deal with them.  

And Now you have a way to summon your hidden power! 


I walk you through the process, I provide the examples to get you started, and the "themes" that speak to your Subconscious mind. 

You won't find a complete system like this anywhere!

 Your Special Bonus #1 


Along your journey, you will benefit from having a daily "wake me up gracefully" meditation that sets the tone for the entire day. This alone is a $20 Value. Let it be your go to method to face the day ahead with an inner smile :)

 Your Special Bonus  #2


You know when you get home and all you want to do is just RELAX, but it's hard to settle the mind down. Just unwind into this meditation, and you'll easily LET GO, forget about the day. 

 What People Are Saying:

" I've felt so grounded, and free in a short time "

Jeff, Holistic Nutritionist 

" Wow, My mind is surprisingly unclouded"

Cal Cee, Podcaster

"I've learned that what was holding me back, is not greater than who I am"

B. Hines


 Get instant access to The 21 DAY JOURNALING AFFIRMATIONS GUIDE 

 For Daily Empowerment, and Wellbeing!


Jonathan is a Meditation Coach, former Therapist, and Trained hypnotist, who offers classes, & audio programs for the new and experienced meditator.  He is the author of the book "Unleashing Mindpower: How To Harness The Magic Of The Subconscious Mind."  

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