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 Mindful Weight-loss

 With the..

Picture A New You...

Are you ready to let your mind work for you,
And Get Real, Lasting Results?

Are you tired of empty promises, fad diets,
and hype that just leads you back to the same spot where you started?

Sticking to a weight-loss plan can be difficult when your mind and emotions are not on board.

And that's where most of these weight-loss programs fall short- They forget that change is an emotional thing that begins in the subconscious mind. 

This is where Mindful Eating comes in. 

Because Mindfulness can do what no other program can...Reduce, and Stop resistance!

Wouldn't that be a breakthrough? 

If you want to take back your power, and create a wonderful relationship with yourself in the process,

so you can feel good about eating, while sticking to your goals, then sign up for our new program. 


Here's What You'll Get:

6 Weeks of Mindful Weight-loss Sessions, which teach you how to win at cravings, triggers, staying motivated, committed, and more.

Daily Checks ins, mindful logs, and support to keep you on target.

A community of wellness heroes like yourself dedicated to helping each other suceed. 

Powerful recordings, meditations, and tips, so the teachings  become automatic. 

Live Q&A sessions that build momentum and

help you blaze through inner blocks.  

 People  are realizing that Mindfulness is the missing  piece they've been looking for:

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It's a Proven Method For: 

  • Controlling Eating Habits

  • Reducing Weight

  • Making Healthier Choices

  • Reducing Binge Eating

Just look at these ASTONISHING RESULTS!:



MINDFULNESS  Reduces Cravings....Decreases Body Mass..
Reduces  Emotional Eating...And 
Increases Enjoyment of Food!!!

I'm against eating products containing f

It Gets better! 

MINDFULNESS  can help you overcome the hidden obstacles 
in your mind, that are holding you back.  

Happy Meditator

And if you let it..become a foundation for you to create a Healthy Lifestyle, that's Beyond  weightloss.   

Take A look inside this unique course:

Week 1: Mindful Awareness 

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  • Learn to awaken your "intuitive mind" and interrupt the cycle of mindless eating

  • Create a habit of Mindfulness in your day, so you can be aware of your triggers

  • Relax, ground, and de-stress, when you need.

  • How to easily, incorporate Mindul Eating into your day

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Week 2: Nonjudgement 

  • Shift your perspective and discover patterns that sabotage your dreams

  • Stop the train of negative thinking, and make empowered actions.

  • Let difficult situations, pass, while you remain centered, and calm.

  • Make Nonjudgement a daily practice

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Week 3: Compassion 

Image by Dakota Corbin
  • Silence your inner-critic, and stop the shaming of yourself.

  • Motivate yourself from a place of respect, love and understanding

  • Feel Good about who you are, right now. 

  • Make Compassion a way of being in the world.

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Golden five star review or rating.jpg
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Week 4: Unconditional Love

Image by Grant Ritchie
  • Love, appreciate, and honour yourself on your journey.

  • Nourish, and replenish the parts of you that need it the most.

  • Build a strength based mindset that supports your success

  • Make Unconditional love a daily practice

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Listen to What Others Are Saying: 

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Joanna B

This A Remarkable Journey through meditation. I gained so many insights about myself. I've learned how to switch my mood, and gain power over triggers that  caused me anxiety. I feel much calmer than ever before. I highly recommend this program.

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Suzzane H

What A Profound learning experience. I've been able to stop and interrupt patterns of behavior in loving ways. It's helped me to take action, and  enjoy the present moment much more. The benefits build over time, and happen in unexpected ways.  

Sue Head Pic.jpg

Start Your Journey

 With the..

Excited african-american lady eating hea

Mindful Weightloss

Program Includes:

  •  6 Weeks of Live Mindful, Weight-loss Sessions (on zoom), to build a new mindset so your subconscious can help you win!

  • Daily Focus Check ins  that support you emotionally, and mentally on your journey.

  • Cravings stopper what's behind them, so you can end them.

  • Mindful Eating logs...Bring Mindful eating into your daily routine and let the magic begin. 

  • Mindful Meditation Audios,  so you can assimilate the mindset, attitude and practice of mindfulness into  everyday life.



 Starts Tuesday May 30th, From 7pm-8:30pm
Every tuesday after until July 4th




Jonathan is a Meditation Coach, former Therapist, and Trained hypnotist, who offers classes, & audio programs for the new and experienced meditator.  He is the author of the book "Unleashing Mindpower: How To Harness The Magic Of The Subconscious Mind."  

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