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Rewrite The Story in Your Head

Learn How to Heal The Effects of Childhood
Abandonment and Neglect.
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Aren't you tired of repeating the same mistakes, and attracting the same situations? 

Do you find yourself wanting to shift your beliefs, and move forward but nothing has really worked? 

If you're ready I can show you how to clear those patterns, so you could be free of the past, and write a new powerful story! 

During The Webinar Your  You'll Learn...

How to overcome your triggers, and automatic reactions that have caused you to repeat the same behaviors. FREEDOM!

How to create new beliefs from the highest version of you, so you naturally grow into your best self.

What the mind needs to let go of people pleasing and co-dependency.

How to finally see yourself clearly without distortion, and appreciate the unique being you are.  

To embody presence, power, and irresistible confidence that attracts high vibe people, and situations. 

How Childhood Abandonment, and Rejection affects the self and what you can do to heal.

Align with your life purpose, and carve a new path, that fills your soul with excitement. 

Enter Your Email and Get Instant Access to the webinar

What people are saying:

"I've discovered how to tap into greater parts of my mind,  I've learned what was holding me back, is not greater than who I am"

- B. Hines

"Totally revitalized my life. I implemented the practices, and got results beyond my expectations. It took time, but it works."

- Joanna B



Mindfulness Coach & Hypnotherapist

Jonathan has spent over 15 years in the consulting, coaching, and counseling fields. He is known as the "Coaches Coach" and  has been a source of inspiration for leaders in the personal growth movement. He is the author of the book "Unleashing MindPower, How to tap the magic of the subconscious mind." Jonathan is a pioneer of original content, who consistently teaches new discoveries of the mind, for healing and empowerment.  

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