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Three Generations

Restoring Your Roots: 

Healing Generational Wounds in the Subconscious Mind 

  A 3 week  program

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Are You the Chain Breaker?
The One That Will Finally Break a Family Pattern, 

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Then this is for you! 

You'll Learn How to heal inherited.. 

  • Patterns of Anger

  • Patterns of Dysfunctional  Relationships 

  • Patterns of Self-Sabotage

  • low self-esteem and self-doubt

  • Obstacles and Limitations 

  • Conflict between fathers and sons 

  • Conflict between mothers and daughters 

  • Trauma 

  • Inner child wounds ....and much more

You'll Discover  

Nature Tokens

How unconscious loyalties.. 

are passed on energetically, and how to clear them. 

How hidden agreements.. 

from the unconscious  binds patterns in families.

How we carry our family in our nervous system.. 

through epigenetics that can affect us through adulthood. 

You'll release old patterns

Freedom concept_ Silhouette of bird flying and broken chains at autumn mountain sunset bac

Because there were not yours to carry..
But, they can be yours to Heal

Start Your Journey 

 It can begin Now for just $250 

In this Program, You'll experience a synthesis of several modalities coming together in a way for you to have significant  "Breakthroughs." There will be NLP, Hypnosis,  and Meditative practices to bring powerful changes at the subconscious level. You'll be transforming a problem at the DNA level, and interrupting a long standing chain of dysfunction in the family. You will benefit from priming, visualization, and family constellation techniques that will jump start your healing. 

Image by Jeremy Bishop

 Tuesdays 7:00-8:30pm

 Starting Soon. 

 Investment: $250 

Meet Your Teacher


Like you.  I realized it was time to change the hidden narrative running through my family line. The journey has led me to an awakening, and healing of the patterns that were unhealthy in my life. I discovered that  the whole family line shared in this energy, which was  created  generations ago.  I learned how a disconnection between a father and a son in the past, still affected everyone today. Since then, I have dedicated years of training, practice and study to offer healing spaces to people.  I'm a former therapist, a coach, hypnotist, and meditation teacher: I've been called to do this work! 

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