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A 6 Month Program  dedicated to Healing  and Empowering Black Men

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Why  is this important?


As a man of color

You can feel as if you're  doing everything right, and still it  seems like life is against you.


You're constantly tested, judged and devalued in a world that makes it hard for you to win. 


Your contributions, your gifts and talents are down played while your mistakes are amplified. 


The problem is You weren't prepared for this reality. Most black men were not given the right support to know their worth! 

You needed and still need to know to that you are loved, appreciated, and are a gift to the world.   Instead....

You were shown twisted images of how a man is suppose to be. 


And you learned to stuff your emotions down not realizing how destructive that would be to your mind, and body. 

   A part of you longs for the acceptance and reassurance you deserve. I've walked this path (and still on it) so I know that no one can give this to you. 

You have to give this to YOURSELF. 

The healing you're looking for won't come from money, womanizing, social media, or having a big career.  

It must come from within!

While Deep Down

The Program

Will you answer the call? Because I created this healing program for those who are committed to self improvement and hungry for transformation. 

Is This Right For You?

Definitely, If  You've Felt Any of These Things:

You're not alone! Thousands of brothers have chosen to heal the mental chains of self-doubt, unworthiness, powerlessness, and self-hate.

Are you hearing the call?


I've reached the point where I know there's stuff to heal, but I don't know how

In this program you'll understand why you repeat habits, and behaviors that keep you stuck, but you'll also learn the practices to transform them.  


I Want to Feel at Peace With My Past -I'm done hiding it, and pretending I'm O.k.

Then, you're in the right place. You'll see you're not alone, and you'll gain the support of others, so you can do the innerwork. 


I Want to Stop Reacting Out of Anger-I Want to Stop My Emotions from Controlling Me

You will learn how to regulate, heal, and manage your emotions, so they stop running your life.  


I'm Ready to Clear Any Obstacle that's Standing in the way of My Dreams

Reprograming the subconscious mind is the key to getting it onboard, aligned, and supportive of your goals. We'll guide you through this process, so it becomes a daily habit. 

Most of All, YouWant to Feel Much More Confident, Secure, and Certain About Yourself

Does this sound like you? Then, I invite you to APPLY FOR The program. Here's what you'll experience on your journey:



*Only $97 A MONTH AFTER!

What You'll Get When You join

Two Live group healing sessions every month providing you with powerful practices for your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Weekly check-ins, and challenges to ground the information, so you can make  important breakthroughs as you go throughout your week.   

Access to a growing community of dedicated brothers for you to share, learn, and build with on your path to wholeness.

Audios, Worksheets, Journaling prompts, and a private Meditation App, so you can rewire your brain while you step into the new you. 

You'll be changing your algorthim 

When you tune your inner mind  to a higher vibration and make it your dominant way of being, you start creating a new algorithm.  You create the same process that occurs on your social media timelines, when you "like" content.  Ever notice how  similar videos are sent to you based on your response pattern? Well this happens  in real life with your subconscious!  You start to see, feel, and experience the reality  that's programmed in your mind. 


Power over the "triggers" that once controlled you.

The secret to turning negative  events in your favor.

Something few people discover...A closer connection to your inner divinity

The ability to release patterns in the subconscious.

Energy, Vitality, and Genius abilities that exist at higher levels of vibration.

More Self Love, Self-Acceptance, and Comfort with being You.

A deep sense of Trust, in your  Inner Guidance system.

The skill to easily center, ground and quiet yourself anytime you need to. 

 You'll Gain.. 

 Outgrow the past and become  the expanded You

Hear from others 

"I 've learned how to easily relax, get centered and  let my subconscious take over. More people need to experience these sessions, they are trully healing events."

- L. Jackson

"I've discovered how to tap into greater parts of my mind,  I've learned what was holding me back, is not greater than who I am"

- B. Hines

"As an entrepreneur, Dad, and Husband, I've struggled to maintain a balance. Lately, I' haven't been able to think as clear, as I used to. But after the training, my mind has been unclouded, free of confusion, focused and clear!"

- Calvin C

Feel Grouded in support

Meet Your Facilitator 





I created this program for the true seekers; Men who have an inner calling to live in alignment with their divine self, and are ready to do the inner work necessary for empowerment.   I believe everyone should have the ability to connect with their own inner power, and manifest their joy.    



*Only $97 A MONTH AFTER!

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