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Are you tired of repeating the same mistakes, and attracting the same situations? 

Do you find yourself wanting to shift your beliefs, and move forward but nothing has really worked? 

If you're ready I can show you how to clear those patterns, so you could be free of the past, and write a new powerful story! 

Why is it a good idea to rewrite your past?

Because a part of us still lives there, and holds on to negative memories as if they are occuring now,


And worse, this part believes that these events will happen again.


We call this part your "Inner Child." 


Your Inner Child doesn't have the understanding you have today. 

But the good news is you can "Change Your perception of the past." 


We can't go back and change events, but we can change how we feel about them, which will help us take our power back. 

Inner Child Work is the key to Liberation

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The New Chapter of Your Story Starts Now!

All it takes is...  

As a Hypnotist, Former Therapist, and Meditation Coach, I love seeing people win. It's fulfilling for me to be part of their winning team, and a privilege to be a guide on their journey of self empowerment.  

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It doesn't matter where you've been, what you're going through, or who you are, I've worked with all walks of life, and I'm ready to guide you through a journey back to yourself. 

"Can't wait till our next training with you! Thanks for taking this journey with us." 


During The Re-Write Your Story Program You'll Learn...

How to overcome your triggers, and automatic reactions that have caused you to repeat the same behaviors. FREEDOM!

How to create new beliefs from the highest version of you, so you naturally grow into your best self.

The key to taking on the identity of the new story, so your unconscious believes it, and makes it a reality. 

What to do when you feel pulled to return to the past, so you can leave it behind. 

How to extract the lessons from the old story, and help your subconscious let it go. 

A Healing Process that Clears Ancestral Baggage, and lets you rewrite your family story (this is a game changer for generations to come)    

What your Inner Child needs the most to fully evolve and transform. (most inner child work completely misses this)

How to finally see yourself clearly without distortion, and appreciate the unique being you are.  

To embody presence, power, and irresistible confidence that attracts high vibe people, and situations. 

To connect with the voice of self love, so you can talk to yourself in loving ways. (The key to improving your relationships)

Align with your life purpose, and carve a new path, that fills your soul with excitement. 

Rewrite Your Story

And experience a shift of a lifetime 
Join the 6 Week Masterclass  Now!
Live Online 
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Saturdays: 11am -1:30pm

Get ready to write a new chapter in your story, Get ready for good things to come back into your life, and FEEL how amazing it will be to START again.

Yes, you can birth the new reality. 

You wouldn't be here, unless a part of you already knew you could do it. 


And saying"You've got this, just take the steps now."

So  if you're feeling lost after a relationship ended...

Scared after a financial shakeup...

Or  you just still feel like something is missing...even after you've achieved your goals. 

Then, It's time for a RESET...It's time to nourish yourself again

And RE-define yourself from where you are NOW...instead of  the past. 


Take a look at these inspiring stories of people who broke their conditionings, and changed their story 

"I 've learned how to easily relax, get centered and  let my subconscious take over. More people need to experience these sessions, they are trully healing events."

- L. Jackson


"I've discovered how to tap into greater parts of my mind,  I've learned what was holding me back, is not greater than who I am"

- B. Hines

"As an entrepreneur, Dad, and Husband, I've struggled to maintain a balance. Lately, I' haven't been able to think as clear, as I used to. But after the training, my mind has been unclouded, free of confusion, focused and clear!"

- Calvin C

"Totally revitalized my life. I implemented the practices, and got results beyond my expectations. It took time, but it works."

- Joanna B

Those limits were placed on you before you had a chance to reject them. Don't let yourself be stopped by them anymore. Choose You Today!


Rewrite Your Story

And experience a shift of a lifetime 
Join the 6 Week Masterclass  Now!

Sign up for our waitlist, and we'll let you know when the program is available again.
Investment  $350
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 Meet the Creator of The Program 




Jonathan is a Meditation Coach, former Therapist, and Trained hypnotist, who offers classes, & audio programs for the new and experienced meditator.  He is the author of the book "Unleashing Mindpower: How To Harness The Magic Of The Subconscious Mind."  

 Frequent Questions & Concerns 

I'm not sure if this will work for me....

Let me ease your mind, 

If those programs were written on your mind, then they can be rewritten, re-storied, and removed. 

I'm worried that it could be overwhelming, or take too much effort for change

That's the old beliefs wanting you to stay in your comfort zone. 

The truth have a powerful part of you that is ready for change, and this part can guide you through the process once you align with it. 

I've tried other programs, practices, and you're not getting the results you want. 


I've gathered some of  the best methods for shifting patterns in the subconscious mind, and created a proven  transformational system that gets results. I've been through many other programs, and filled in the missing gaps that are critical to profound change.

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