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Mindfulness At Lunch

A Peak Performance Booster

Why not enjoy some peace of mind in the middle of your day, with  a relaxing mindful, meditation.

Give yourself a healthy recharge that will leave you productive, focused, and ready for any task. 

When your mind is free from accumulated stress,  you can think clearly, make better decisions, and become your best self. 

"I felt so grounded, and renewed, and in just a short amount of time" 

Jeff, Holistic Nutrition Coach

"My mind is unclouded, and free" 

Cal C, Podcaster 

"More people need to experience these sessions, they are truly healing events"

Latoya J, Coach

All you need is 20 minutes during lunch, a silent area, and we'll do the rest. 

Here are some of the benefits of meditation that you might find yourself experiencing: 

  •  More creativity & intuitive guidance.

  • An Increased ability to stay focused, even under stress. 

  • Greater control over reactive behavior patterns.

  • Higher, more expanded ways of thinking.

  • Reduction of toxic stress.

  • You,becoming an uplifting, and positive presence to others.

Each  Session spans 15 minutes in length. This is a Drop in class. (You Don't need to attend each session)We meet at 12:30 eastern standard time on the zoom platform, every Wednesday. 

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For Only $15 A Session

Your Facilitator


Jonathan is a Meditation Coach, former Therapist, and Trained hypnotist, who offers classes, & audio programs for the new and experienced meditator.  He is the author of the book "Unleashing Mindpower: How To Harness The Magic Of The Subconscious Mind."  

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