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Has a "wake up call" thrown you off balance?


The first step is to allow for something new to happen! 
Because you can't find solutions in the same places you've looked before.

So when the wake up call gets your attention, it's time to act.

Shiela's Story

Shiela's wake up call came after a relationship fell apart, and she realized she couldn't move forward. 

Her partner's abusive words were still ringing in her ears. 

It was part of her, and she believed in them. 


That's when she reached out to me and had her "BREAKTHROUGH."

You see,  she needed to believe and convince herself (subconscious) that she was safe, and worthy. 

This allowed her to let go of the past little by little. 

 As she began to open to life and new possibilities again, she connected with her CENTER. 


It was the healing she longed for! 


And Rather than being depended on someone else to make her feel fulfilled, she started nourishing herself from within.  

Like Shiela, YOU can make a COMEBACK from;

  • Betrayal

  • Anxiety

  • Out of Control Anger

  • Procrastination

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • And More


Discover how you can create that new beginning, and stop  the alarm bells of that wake up call from getting louder.

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Would you like to turn it around and make a powerful comeback? 

 Meet Jonathan

I'm Jonathan, a Mindset Coach and Hypnotist. I help  people rescue and rebuild themselves after experiencing an important wake up call, so they can get back on their game and win again!  

My 6 Week Program has inspired many to move from stuck and unsure, to empowered and Free.  

Let's Work Together


For busy people on the go who want to unwind, disconnect and recharge at their own pace. 


I'll help you make the right moves, and become aware of your blind spots, so you can flourish. 


When the two sides of your brain are aligned and working in your favor, what can stop you?


Accelerate your personal growth through these rare group learning processes. 


Do you want to relax, fill your cup, and stay centered through your day? 

Then, Sign up for my Free Meditation App.

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