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Meditating at Home

Black Man Let it Go

A Guided Meditation Album For Releasing Stress, Tension, and Overthinking.

I know you've been carrying a heavy load and at times it can feel like it's too much. 

The pressure...of being a black man today is tremendous. end up pushing through and getting things done but at what cost? 

The pattern of ignoring yourself has taken a  hidden toll on your body, your mind, and emotions. 

Isn't it time to Safely let it go?  

You can start now in the comfort of your home, and at your own pace. 

Black Man Let it go is my answer to the Stress, Overwhelm, and Anxiety we all face. 

It is a powerful guided meditation program that will teach how to release the built up charge of negative energy stuck in the nervous system, so YOU CAN GET BACK TO YOURSELF.  


Here's a snapshot of what you'll experience: 

  • Deep Relief from Constant Mind Chatter.

  • A lingering feeling of Comfort and Peace. 

  • Greater Connection to your wise inner self. 

  • Quick Release of Tension in the body. 

  • More Trust in yourself, and in life. 

  • Appreciation for yourself

Why is this important? 

Research has shown that meditation and breath work are proven practices for improving men's wellbeing. 

Imagine if you had a practice that would help you to recharge and feel good in less than 20min a day? 

What would that do for you? Really consider that. 

Because You won't find these meditations anywhere else. 


They are uniquely crafted for Black Men and designed to address our needs. 

If you want to gain tools to help you face the storms of life, then order your copy now!

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for just $27

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Jonathan is an accomplished hypnotist, meditation coach, and author of the Book "Unleashing Mind Power, How to Harness the Magic of The Subconscious Mind" 

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