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What if you a had a day to take your  biggest hurdle and make it your most  significant win? 


A day that could be the turning point in your story.  


Looking back on my journey..there was always a day that was a catalyst for things to change. 

And Like a lightning bolt..I got the aha moment I needed to move forward. 

I would like to extend that opportunity to you. 

It's a rare chance to immerse yourself in a personalized program designed just for you.


Your Breakthrough day will launch you into the right mindset required to defeat that problem.  


And the benefits will ripple out into all the areas of your life. 

Green Geometric Shapes

Why one day?


When we put distractions aside, and set up the right conditions, we can achieve more in a targeted day, than in several ongoing sessions.


Ancient cultures knew how to wake up the consciousness of individuals through  "initiations" and ceremonies, which were sometimes just a day.

And since we'll be working with the subconscious mind...Magical things can happen!

Green Geometric Shapes

What Happens in A Day?

You will discover, embrace, and embody the "You" that's on the other side of that issue. 

It's this "You" that provides the momentum you're longing for. 

Its' your Divine Self! 

And It has the right solutions 

It holds the right blueprint for climbing that mountain


Most of all It will give you the confidence to breakthrough those stubborn obstacles. 

From your current vantage point, all you can see is what is in front of you..what you're facing, but the "Inner You" knows much more! 

Your Personal Renewal Day will put you in touch with this inner power, in fun, exciting, and enriching ways. 

Why? because the subconscious likes to have fun!

Green Geometric Shapes

What's Included?


Subconscious programming: You'll learn A hidden method that gets results, in just 5min a day. 

Meditative Coaching that unites the conscious and subconscious, without it, things won't work. 

Tools and Resources designed to awaken and activate your purpose.


The Guiding Lights: These are three jump-off points that when completed, set you up for life-long empowerment.



"Guiding Lights" Include:


The Life Script

Create your Personal Healing metaphor. It will help you release the past, and embrace the future.

Image by Dariusz Sankowski

Your Sacred Map

Unite with your higher, more aligned self, and  unleash the blueprint for authentic living, fulfillment, and Joy. 

Spa Salts and Stones

Daily Renewal Ritual

Stay focused, stay connected to that light inside with powerful daily, monthly, and yearly practices.

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